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Summary: NCE's Power Pro is a 5 Amp DCC Starter Set, also available in a 10A and with radio cabs. Unlike the Power Cab, the booster and command station are not contained within the handheld cab.


See the Video.

NCE Corporation, Owner of trademark

NCE PowerPro

This 5 Amp starter set has everything needed to get DCC equipped trains up and running (except power transformer, see P515). It includes the user-friendly Pro Cab. Be up and running in less than 20 minutes.


NCE PowerPro with Radio Option
  • Power Pro System Box with 4 pin and 2 pin plugs (Command Station).
  • Pro Cab Throttle
  • Coiled cable for cab – 6 wire RJ12 cab bus cable
  • Seven-foot flat cable for cab – 6 wire RJ12 cab bus cable
  • Twelve-inch flat cable – 4 wire RJ-H control bus cable
  • UTP cab bus panel
  • Power Pro system reference manual

Radio and 10A versions are available.


Indexed Configuration Values

There is an issue within the PowerPro command station software which causes incorrect writes to any Indexed CV address above 256. Indexed CV write operations are truncated to an eight-bit value, causing any CV greater than 256 to be misinterpreted and the incorrect CV to be written.

Recent versions of JMRI are capable of programming indexed CVs with an NCE PowerPro DCC system. Attempting to program indexed CVs using the NCE throttle will result in problems with respect to values being written into the incorrect CV. The JMRI DecoderPro software is aware of the problem and can work around the NCE firmware issues. Newer (2021) firmware from NCE may solve this issue.

To connect to a computer, a serial cable is required, or a USB to Serial adapter to connect to the command station.

The USB panel is exclusively for use with the Power Cab.

Replacing the Coin Cell and Adjusting Track Voltage

The PowerPro has a CR2032 cell to maintain its volatile memory contents. Replacing it is not difficult, but the command station must be energized during the process or the memory's contents will be lost.

Radio Cab Operation

To start the radio cab, press the red emergency stop button.

It will turn off after ten minutes to save battery life, or press EXPN followed by the 1 key.

Replacing the backup battery in the Power Pro, starts at 5:30.