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Short Definition
The People, Idea, and Technology powering the NMRA's Layout Command Control(TM) (LCC).

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What is OpenLCB?

OpenLCB refers to a set of protocol standards developed as a non-proprietary Layout Control Bus, but also to the people, ideas, and technology behind them.

What is the Purpose of OpenLCB?

OpenLCB is designed as a separate, generic non-proprietary control bus which is positioned next to and designed to take the load off your throttle bus. It is a bi-directional data bus that can send and receive data. It can be used to control layout signalling, lighting, sound, and animation. It can interface to traction control systems in a unified manner.

A selected subset of protocols has been accepted by the NMRA as the LCC Standard.

OpenLCB Capabilities

OpenLCB is transport agnostic - which means it is designed to communicate across multiple different transports, such as Ethernet, CAN, RS485, RF and WiFi.

OpenLCB is traction agnostic - that means it is designed to work with multiple track control systems, including DC, DCC, Marklin, etc. It has a Traction Protocol which is unified so that throttles can use any traction system.

OpenLCB can connect to legacy control systems, and therefore it protects your investment.