PR4 Status LEDS

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PR3 / PR4 LED Indicators
Off No power to USB
Blink once per second, mostly off USB not connected or error
Wink once per second, mostly on. MS100 Mode
Wink twice per second, mostly on. MS100 mode with LocoNet Termination active
Toggling on/off once per second USB connected in Sound Programmer Mode
On LocoNet not Connected
MS100 Mode: In sleep state
Fast Blinking Voltage low or power supply not connected (Programmer Mode)
Off No Errors
Red / Green
Blinking Red MS100 Mode, download data from computer to LocoNet
Blinking Green MS100 Mode, upload data to computer from LocoNet
Off MS100 Mode, no data activity
The status indications in PR2 emulation mode are the same. See the SoundLoader documentation.