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The term "CRT Based", does that refer to using electronic displays and computers for Central Traffic Control, instead of large schematic diagrams and lamps (annunciators) to indicate the presence or absence of trains?

It is just a little hard to understand, maybe it should be expanded.

A while back I added our Big Bear Dcc controller to the list of commercial software and wonder why it has been removed. The big bear software is popular with those that use it and should be listed. The site is now restricted so preventing me from adding it back.


You can edit, but due to a large scale attack in April 11, some pages were temporarily protected to slow down any repeat business from the attacker.

If they are protected, you MUST be logged in and a registered user. This slows down the kiddies and the spammers. (As you can see by looking at the "what's new here" the spammers still try.

As to Big Bear Software, a couple of years ago the server crashed and there was no complete backup. The site owner restored the wiki the best he could, that is probably why your entry isn't there anymore. You can add it if you want, providing you have a valid user login.


Thanks for the response, I did create a login called bigbear and followed the link in the email to confirm it but i still the message saying the page is locked if I try to edit. I can appreciate the issue with spammers, even with a simple forum I am deleting dozens of spammer registrations a week. Cheers, Peter.

Page now unprotected

Peter, you can edit now. The protection was slated to end mid October, but I turned it off. You should be able to edit now.

I deleted 7 pages of spam in the last day and blocked about 5 users, so you can understand the problem. They often create new pages, but sometimes insert spam into existing pages too.

Any problems, just leave a note here.

Terminator (Admin)


Thanks Terminator. I'll set about Redoing the link whn i get hoe off my break. Wonderful though the ipad is, its a bugger ti do any serious typing! Cheers, Peter