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(Renamed in 2020 to better reflect what it is.)

If you are reading this, you are one of the few who instead of complaining and pointing out inaccuracies, has decided to volunteer your time to update and correct this table, sharing this information with everyone.

Those who snidely state "How hard can it be to make a table using information from websites?" have obviously never tried. There are many DCC systems out there made by a multitude of companies, some of which are very frugal with respect to their websites. European sites are often not in English either. Many brands rely on their dealer network to educate the DCC Customer about the systems available.

So, thanks for taking the time to help update this table.

PS, if you want to work on this table, you can use the table generator at: Media Wiki Table Generator

Test of new table

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Condensed DCC Systems Comparison
System Name Maximum ThrottleCapacity Throttle Type Speed Control Address Range: Number; Two or Four Digit Maximum Consists Consisting: Universal or Advanced Speed Steps Functions Output Current, Amps Feedback Communications Bus Programming Modes: Main or Ops Modes Separate Programming Track
Bachmann EZ Command 24 Base Unit Knob 10; 2 None 14 9F0-F8 3 No X-Bus No No
ECos 50210 ? Base unit Knob 9999; 2/4 ? All 14/28/128 20 6 RailCoM ECOsLink Main Yes
ECos Cab Control 2 32 Wireless6 Knob 16000; 2/4 ? All 14/28/128 28 6
Roco LokMaus2 10 Hand-Held Knob, Centre Off 99; 2 None None 14/28/128 4;:F0-F3 2.7 ? XpressNet Yes No
Lenz Compact/Atlas Master 5 Base Unit Knob 100; 2 ? Advanced 14/28/128 5: F0-F4 2.5 No No No
Digitrax Zephyr (DCS51) 10 Base Unit Lever 9983; 2/4 10 All 14/28/128 9 F0-F8 2.5 No LocoNet Yes , plus Blast Mode Yes
Digitrax Zephyr XTRA (DCS51) 20 30: F0-F29 3.0
Digitrax Zephyr Express (DCS52)
Gaugemaster / MRC Prodigy Advance 99 Hand-Held Knob 9999; 2/4 99 Advanced 14/28/128 9: F0-F8 5 Yes MRC Throttle BUS Yes Yes
Lenz Set 90 31 Hand-Held Knob 9999, 2/4 256 All 14/28/128 13: F0-F12 5 Yes XpressNet Yes Yes
Lenz Set 100 Buttons
Lenz Set 101 Knob 29: F0-F28
Digitrax Super Empire Builder/ SEB XTRA 22 Hand-Held Buttons, Two Knobs 9983; 2/4 22 All 14/28/128 9: F0-F8; XTRA: 30 5 No LocoNet All No
Digitrax Super Chief/ SC XTRA 120 120 13: F0-F12; XTRA: 30 5/8 Yes
Digitrax EVO Advanced 100 9000+;2/4 ? 30 5/8 ?
Digitrax EVOD Advanced ? ?
Fleischmann Twin Center 64 Base Unit 2 Knobs 9999; 2/4 8 None 14/28/128 9: F0-F8 3 Yes Yes Yes
NCE Power House Pro 63 Hand-Held Buttons and Thumb Wheel 9999; 2/4 127 All 14/28/128 13: F0-F12 10 Yes NCE Cab Bus Yes Yes
NCE Pro Cab
NCE Power Cab 2
CVP Products 99 Base Unit Knob 9999; 2/4 Unlimited; No more than 256 locomotives in consists. Universal 14/28/128 9: F0-8 10 No EasyDCC Yes Yes
Zimo MX31 30 Hand-Held Slider 10239; 4 digit Unlimited; No more than 256 locomotives in consists. Universal 128 12 10/ 2@8 Yes 115 kbit/s CAN bus Yes Yes
ZTC 511 0 Base Unit Lever 2/4 9999 ? ? 14/28 28 5 No Extended X-Bus Yes Yes

Important Note

This table relies both on user input to create and maintain entries, and the DCC manufacturers information or lack thereof for details about their systems.

If you wish to make changes or add information but are unsure of how to do it, please leave the information here so someone can update the list.

Updates or Corrections

If you make a correction or update from items in this list, please leave a note indicating it has been done.


Updated Jan 2019 to add Zephyr Express, delete Zephyr Added some NCE systems: May be incorrect as NCE is very quiet about their system's specifications and capabilities. Almost nothing is known about the NCE Twin, and how it compares to the Zephyr.


Created the condensed version


Is the "Loco Number Readback" column refering to reading the locomotive number on the mainline or reading the locomotive number on the programming track?

I ask because I'm not aware of a system that can read locomotive numbers back on the mainline without optional equipment.

Lenz systems requre an LRC120

Digitrax systems require a BDL168 and an RX4 to do this.

Copyrighted page

The source code for this comparison table contains a marker which shows it to be copied from my site. The full and up to date version of this table can be viewed at

There is also an explantion for all of the terms used in the table, and a print friendly version available at my site.

The table shown on this site and my own is copyright 2005-2006

Uht-oh. We'll either need to delete this page, or replace it with our a freely distributable page. Anyone up for a fun task of doing this?
Page or website in question no longer exists. June 2018.


The page still exists on the Wayback machine, but the web archive ends in 2008 (12 years ago). While there are some similarities, it isn't a verbatim copy. Some entries are missing from his, and his chart included images.