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It seems to me that this page should be cleaned up from some of the DigiTrax euphoria, and also from DigiTrax product specific information - that belongs on a DigiTrax page.

I suggest a list of other manufacturers supporting LocoNet to be added, a list of computer adapters for LocoNet, and references to the standards that define LocoNet.

Furthermore, I have heard that manufacturers need to pay a license fee for LocoNet. It seems to me that development of hardware for accessing LocoNet is no longer just the domain of companies that know how to deal with licensing rules. It would be good to have some information about the licensing on this page in order to lower the barrier for hobbyists or small companies developing hardware around LocoNet. It would also be very interesting to understand whether or not software developers need to pay a license fee if they use one of the existing LocoNet adapters. I know of one case where the software developer was simply not very keen to spend his time for finding out whether or not he had to pay the license fee, and so he decided not to support LocoNet with his software. In this case (the software is good), bad for LocoNet and bad for its users I'd say. I guess that could be fixed easily if someone has the information or a pointer to it.


Andy - You've raised some very good points. I do not know the answers to any of these questions, but if you do, you are welcome to edit the page directly. You are also welcome to move the Digitrax product stuff to the correct page(s). You seem to have a better grasp on LocoNet VS Digitrax than I. TazzyTazzy 20:46, 7 February 2007 (EST)


Need expansion on the Railsync purpose... What does it do, what is it used for, etc.