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Great work PaulMmn

Great work! Lots of helpful information, thanks for the article which I'm sure we can all learn something from. TazzyTazzy 18:05, 13 March 2006 (EST)

Combine Problems and troubleshooting sections

I think we should combine the problems and the troubleshooting sections together. I'm leaning towards the troubleshooting method of resolving problems. This way, people can go down the list of "problems" to find the one that they are experiencing. The problems are great, but one has to read all the causes to find the effect. The information is the same, just presented differently is all - easy to convert to one way or the other. Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations? TazzyTazzy 20:39, 13 March 2006 (EST)

Troubleshooting probably best - I agree that the Troubleshooting format is probably best. The only problem is that people generally don't read the Troubleshooting until they have Trouble! I don't know if a Problems section is read any more often than Troubleshooting... --PaulMmn
What if we called the section "Common problems and troubleshooting" and started the section with something along the lines: "It's recommended that you read this section to avoid common problems and mistakes made by those just getting started......" TazzyTazzy 23:19, 15 March 2006 (EST)

-THAT- oughta do it! (: --PaulMmn

Suggest section on resistance soldering

After the section on soldering with an iron, I suggest adding a section on soldering using a resistance soldering rig. Since I have been using a resistance soldering rig for several years, I could prepare a draft version of such a section and submit it. Much of the material in the section on soldering details onto a brass model could be subsumed into this new section, focusing the section about soldering details on that subject. In addition, in the new section, it would be good to describe the parts of a resistance soldering rig; I could write that material up.