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Just what I am looking for. I have ordered the MRC Prodigy Express for my, yet to be constructed RR. I have 2 BLI 0n30 C-16's and a Bachman Mogul. All are factory fitted with DCC receivers, and the BLI's with sound., so I shall use this site to help with the set up. See you later. Rod F.

Rod, Hope this site is useful for you! Glad you enjoy it. Seeing as you have some experience with sound, maybe you would be able to revamp or revise the sound page? It really could use some help. I don't know anything about sound, otherwise I would be working on this. I'm still looking for some good websites regarding sound + DCC. If you know of any, please post some links. Thanks. TazzyTazzy 12:20, 3 March 2006 (EST)

My experience with sound

I have four locos equipped with on board sound chips and three spare decoders not in anything at the moment. I have experince of programming the Digitrax product but have fitted ESU and CT product. Dwhite4dcc 22:40, 7th March 2007 (GMT)