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Whilst this subject is interesting, the article/DCCWiki entry covers areas quite outside DCC and model railways/railroads. I propose that this article sticks (!!!) to a short general description of 'Stiction' and then only includes details for the DCC/railway/railroad topics. The rest can be removed and a link replacing the cut text to Wikipedia 'Stiction' article (which has been updated and expanded anyway).

My thoughts on duplicate data (text) in two Wikis (DCCWiki and the original Wikipedia) is that duplication should be avoided whereever and whenever possible and make appropriate links between the two. This means that there is only ever one copy of the data. This master entry is then the one that gets edited and everybody looks at it (who is interested of course).

In the case of this Stiction entry I would propose the following:

  • The DCC Wiki 'Stiction' entry is edited to be DCC and Railroad modelling specific. Most other text to be removed.
  • Put a link to Wikipedia for further definitions and explainations etc.
  • Ensure that the Wikipedia Article includes a short section on Stiction in DCC/model railways and link to the DCC Stiction entry here.

Any comments?

--Jamesoc 05:51, 21 December 2006 (EST)