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[edit] Template documentation

This is the primary template used for articles within DCCWiki. The template is responsible for the following functions:

  • Set the page SEO using various keywords, description, and a proper title.
  • Can make the page become a term definition using 'termcategory' and optionally 'termdefinition'
  • Provides a summary of contents at the top of each article.

The article template is managed by the [Form] and should be used when creating new article. Additionally, the form can be when editing the page.


Primary parameters:

  • articlesummary - Explain the subject matter in brief, don't talk about what the page will talk about. This is used for tooltip popups as well as the summary at the top of the page. Additionally, this is also used for term definitions (if termcategory is defined) and SEO description tags inside the HTML source.
  • title - Use with care, this effectively changes the title of the page. This can change the title shown in search results and sometimes when linking to the article. Usually, it's best to simply rename the article to the correct title.
  • seotitle - If the default page title or the title parameter doesn't make sense externally, this parameter changes the title given to search engines. This should only be used if the current title wouldn't make sense when seeing a page title outside the DCCWiki.com context.
  • seodescription - Noramlly, the SEO system uses articlesummary parameter to give search engines more details about the page. This text is also displayed under the webpage link so the users can see an excerpt of the page.
  • keywords - SEO keywords. Should be between 1 and 4 keywords, separated by commas. Any more than this, and search engines may start ignoring this.
  • image - Used for Twitter cards and Facebook shares. Just the name of the image to use. This template will automatically convert it to the full url. Just use the filename here.
  • termcategory - If set, will create a DCC term, using the 'description' field as the term definition.
  • termdefinition - If the description parameter is too long, use this parameter.


  • articlesummary - Attempt to keep this semi-brief. Just summarize the contents of the article, or a highlight of the article. Don't talk about what you'll learn from the article or explain the article contents. This should be the 15 second elevator pitch of the subject.
  • title - If it must be used, keep it short. Less then 38 character is preferred.
  • seotitle - 38 characters MAX! (This will appear as the tab's title).
  • seodescription - Uses 'description if not supplied. Critical part of the description should be the first 110 characters. No longer than 300 characters.
  • image - Place the image file name here, such as DCCWikiLogo.png No links, do not include "file:" in front of it.

Full Example

  |articlesummary=A DCC decoder listens to all DCC packets. When it receives a packet with it's matching address, it will perform the actions requested within the DCC message.
  |seotitle=Decoders for DCC