1:29 Radius Guidelines

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The following is a suggested guideline for minimum diameter curves for various models in 1:29 scale.

Diameter Versus Radius

The following are the minimum DIAMETER of a circle of track recommended for a given locomotive.

The RADIUS is half the diameter.

Recommended Curvature

These are recommendations by the manufacturer/importer. Sharp curves look toylike, and contribute to operational problems. Broad curves enhance the realism of a model.

Aristocraft and USA Trains

Manufacturer Locomotive Diameter, Feet Radius, Inches
Aristocraft Lil Critter 4 24
Center Cab Diesel
Alco PA
0-4-0 Rogers
U25B 5 30
2-8-0 Consolidation
2-8-2 Mikado 8ft 8 48
SD-45 8ft
USA Trains NW-2 4f 4 24
F3-A 5ft 5 30
SD40-2 8 48

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