PIKO SmartControl Light Basic Set (55017)

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Starter Set by PIKO:

PIKO SmartControl Light Basic Set (55017)

Summary: The PIKO SmartBoxlight coordinates all commandos and processes them according to their importance. The user-friendly and ergonomic SmartController light for the new digital central station.

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General information
Manufacturer PIKO

MSRP 209.99 USD213.77 EUR <br />187.04 GBP <br />317.36 AUD <br />283.30 CAD <br />
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Common Name PIKO SmartControl Light Basic Set
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
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Max Current 2
See command station for additional features of this starter set.


Top features of PIKO SmartControl Light…

  • SmartControl Light is an affordable and easy-to-use digital system
  • Fully NMRA-DCC compatible. Works with all brands of DCC decoders.
  • Maximum output of 2 Amps.
  • Operation is and easy and intuitive.
  • Control and store up to 9,999 locomotives with up to 24 functions per loco
  • One built-in reversing loop output.
  • Control up to 20 locos at a time!

55017 FAQs

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