SmartControl wlan (55821)

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Starter Set by PIKO:

SmartControl wlan (55821)

Summary: The PIKO SmartController wlan is balanced and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. The user-friendly arrangement of the operating elements allows the operator to control up to 69 individual locomotive functions.

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General information
Manufacturer PIKO

MSRP 249 EUR244.60 USD <br />217.86 GBP <br />369.66 AUD <br />329.99 CAD <br />
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Common Name SmartControl wlan
UPC Number 401561555821
Release information


Max Current 2
See command station for additional features of this starter set.


  • Ergonomic wireless throttle
  • Graphic display
  • Plug and Play: The logical design of the PIKO SmartControl wlan lends itself well to the 21st century user and allows for a quick setup. You will be running trains in no time!
  • WiFi connected Throttle: The WiFi enabled throttle automatically connects with the command center following start up
  • Multiple locomotives can be run individually at the same time.

PIKO’s SmartControl wlan has a 2 A maximum output current. If you expand your layout, you can add boosters.

  • Fully compatible with RailCom and RailCom Plus®
  • Extensive locomotive database
  • Main track and programming track terminals
  • Circuit breaker: PIKO SmartControl wlan integral circuit breaker protects the system from potential damage.

55821 FAQs

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