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Summary A Canadian manufacturer of accessories that made tuning, adjusting, and speed matching easier. Bachrus is now closed.

Manufacturer of speedometer. Useful for speed matching, also supplies version which works with JMRI. Also manufactures saddles (stands) for servicing/breaking in locomotives.

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The owner of Bachrus has retired. The business has closed.

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Of particular note was the Bachrus Speedometer, which was available as a standalone device with a self contained console, or a DecoderPro version which connects to JMRI. The locomotive is placed on saddles which support the drive wheels, one of which is the speedometer device.


The Saddles can also be used for breaking in a new locomotive or troubleshooting. This is a useful device for speed matching and making adjustments while the powertrain is in motion.

Bachrus also manufactured a wheel cleaning system.

Videos showing speed matching, etc., on YouTube by Bachrus.

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