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Command Station:

Train Control Systems: CS-105

Summary: The CS–105 has been in development over several years and features a number of innovations. It supports both Cab Bus and XpressNet as well as CAN Bus connections.

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Tcs cs-105 command station.png
General information
Manufacturer Train Control Systems

MSRP 529.95 USD539.49 EUR <br />472.03 GBP <br />800.91 AUD <br />714.96 CAD <br />
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Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Year Released 2022

Integrated Throttle None
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
Consisting Methods
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 69
Feedback Yes
Max Current 5
Continuous Current 5

The CS–105 has been in development over several years and features a number of innovations: Digital Command Control Layout Command Control WiFi RailCom support Cab Bus support CAN Bus Support XpressNet Support

The number of throttles supported is dependent on the connection method. WiFi is included for wireless throttles, and LCC can also be used for throttles.

Booster output is claimed to be 5A continuous.

As a WiFi access point, range is 100ft.

As this is a new product, others are welcome to update and expand on this article.

TCS CS-105 DCC/LCC Command Station unboxing.

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