FAQ:CV Read and Write Issues with Broadway Limited Paragon Locomotives

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Paragon 3 and Paragon 4 Locomotives:

The multifunction decoders installed in these locomotives have additional capacitors to ensure smooth running. They can cause issues during CV read and write operations.

There is an undocumented CV which can alter the amount of energy delivered to the motor so it can respond to programming commands.

CV217 controls the amount of power used to energize the motor to create a response to a programming command. This is not a CV in the NMRA Standards.

The larger the value in CV217, the less energy supplied to the motor.

Decreasing this value increases the energy supplied ot the motor.

1. To make changes, the suggested value is 110. Set this value using Ops Mode.

2. Move the locomotive to the program track (Service Mode) and attempt a read/write operation. Use Direct or Paged Mode, try one mode then the other.

3. If this does not work, return the locomotive to the mainline and set CV217 with a smaller value, such as 90. Repeat step 2.

If a value of 90 does not work, try reducing it to 50, then 20, and then 10 until a value is found which works with your DCC system.

Since there is a lot of variations between DCC brands, experimentation is required to find the right combination for your system,