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Starter Set by Electronic Solutions Ulm:


Summary: With the ESU CabControl DCC system you have wireless control of your locomotives, accessories and routes simply by Wi-Fi! With the 50310 CabControl Integrated Control Unit, advanced model railroading is as simple as ever. Full control over locomotives, switches and signals at the tap of a finger.

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General information
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
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Has computer
USB, Other
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Max Current 7
See command station for additional features of this starter set.

CabControl - Integrated Control Unit

ESU’s “North American” System, specially developed for use in North America and Australia.

The high resolution display of the CabControl Throttle keeps you up to date on the most important operating parameters. Furthermore, you can see if another operator controls a certain locomotive or if an emergency stop has been triggered.

  • American and Australian locomotive icons (along with European Icons)
  • Easy Consisting for multiple unit lash-ups using drop down menus
  • Wireless walk around system making it easy to follow your train on a large layout.
  • 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  • Primary and Extended addresses.
    • Over 16,000 locomotives can be arranged and controlled
  • Up to 28 Functions per locomotive

All Scales can be used with the CabControl system with the variable voltage 7 Amp Power Supply. The CabControl built-in booster has so much power that, in most cases, additional boosters are not needed.

Creates a unique Wifi-Network for your Mobile Control II Wireless throttles

  • Supports at least 32 Mobile Control II Wireless Controllers Compliant with all relevant IEEE WLAN standards. Suitable for use in America and Europe
  • The CabControl features a LAN port to connect the box to your home network.
  • Via the home network, the CabControl can be connected to Model Railroad Control Software.

For easy connection with ESU boosters, CabControl supports ECoSlink, a high speed, CAN based bus system.

On occasion new features will be added to the CabControl system. Gone are the days of sending your DCC command station back to the manufacturer for updates! When a new update becomes available it is as simple as loading this to a USB Data stick and plugging it in to the back of the system.

As the CabControl System uses the ESU Mobile Control II Wireless Throttles, expansion is easy as these throttles are already available and connect automatically to the Integrated Control Unit. The system can also be used with the ECoSBoost Boosters using the ECoSlink Terminals when more power is needed for large layouts.

Welcome to the Future of DCC! ESU's New CabControl WiFi DCC System!

Join us to learn how to use RailCom Plus to auto assign ESU decoder equipped locomotives into the CabContol DCC System. RailCom Plus has been a part of the LokSound and LokPilot decoders since 2010!

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