FAQ:Can I use weed control spray like roundup on the tracks?

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This, and other products, has been used with and without rail power just fine. Even with weed barriers, weeds still grow. Apply your weed treament chemical to a small section of track to test first. Check ties, and power conductivity. Sprinklers/rain should wash it off the rails but still keep the weeds gone for a while.

Note: Roundup and similar herbicides may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions. There are other solutions.

Note that Roundup takes a full week to kill a weed! For the first few days it looks like nothing is happening, then, all of a sudden, WHAM! The weeds are wilting and falling over.

Other products will give the appearance of a faster kill (see all of the TV ads), but give Roundup time to do its thing!

Roundup does not work very well on blue violets. Violets spread by underground risomes, and, although the foliage will wither, the plants will come back! You may have to break down and dig.