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Throttle Network:

DCCconcepts: Super Panel (DCC-SPL)

Summary: DCCconcepts' SuperPanel is a supremely powerful layout and locomotive controller that will work in harmony with all current NCE DCC systems. Connection of SuperPanel is a simple process as it connects directly to the NCE Cab bus.

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General information
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Throttle Network
Manufacturer DCCconcepts
MSRP 158.29 GBP177.71 USD <br />180.91 EUR <br />268.58 AUD <br />239.75 CAD <br />
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Common Name Super Panel
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Year Released 04/2024
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
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The Super Panel is similar in concept to NCE's Mini Panel, with more powerful features & usability. It is designed to be used as a fully digital DCC model railway control panel, with the panel or panels being mobile and plugged in various locations around the layout.

Super Panel can be used for complex route setting, point/turnout indication, and many automation tasks on the layout. For example, a small display layout at an exhibition can be programmed to run a set of actions, meaning the layout can operate whilst the operator is away.


  • 47 physical switch inputs, plus a further 3 phantom inputs not associated to any physical connection.
    • Any of the 47 inputs can be connected to push buttons, toggle switches and/or relays. This also includes devices such as the DCCconcepts LM-iD Block Detector, and any other device that provides a 5V logic output.
  • Specifically designed to operate with toggle switches and relays that remain closed.
  • All 47 inputs can be programmed with up to 20 command steps. Allows control of a turnout using one toggle switch connected to one input. This means the Super Panel can control 47 turnouts, including crossover where pairs of turnouts are controlled as one unit.
  • The 20 command step allows complex ladder routing, using push buttons, and point indication to which route has been chosen.
  • Assign some of the inputs to be outputs, hence LEDs can be driven directly from the panel.
  • Includes a user controlled ‘start of day’ setup where all turnouts or accessories align with the control panel switches when power is applied to the layout.


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