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Manufacturer: DCC Specialties

Summary: An informal group of professional engineers from various disciplines and are also model railroaders who have joined together to develop specialty products for DCC.

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Tony’s Trains and DCC Specialties are currently the same company. The company and its products are all fine, however, the website appears to be lost forever.

If you need a question answered, the best way is to call Tony’s Trains by telephone for questions relating to DCC Specialties products.

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DCC Specialties FAQs

Q: Multiple PSX Devices

When using multiple DCC Specialties Power Sheild X devices, phase is very important. The device only disconnects one rail when it trips, so all devices must be wired to ensure they will act on the same phase.

As a short circuit is caused by a phase mismatch across the gap separating power districts, it is important that both PSX devices are acting on the same phase / rail.

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Q: Is the PSXX Compatible with a Frog Juicer


The trip point for the PSXX must be set higher than that of the frog juicer, to allow it to operate without the PSXX reacting to a short circuit. The default fault current setting should work.

Note: In most applications a trip setting of 3 – 4A is acceptable. For lower current DCC systems (less than 3A), the trip current must be set to allow the PSXX to react before the booster does.

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