DCC in a Box

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Short Definition
A self contained Digital Command Control system, often used in modular setups.

DCC In a Box refers a complete self-contained Digital Command Control system, which is used to provide DCC power to a modular layout. It is not a commercially available product.

The system is assembled from individual components, which are mounted in a box, with the needed inputs and outputs readily available. The box can be easily transported to a show or a modular group's meeting location, then quickly and easily connected to the layout. This eliminates problems related to connecting and disconnecting DCC Equipment at every event.

A typical DCC in a Box system would consist of a power supply, command station and booster, with connections for the power supply, track and throttle network. It may also include interfaces for a computer. The individual modules would have a booster if required and the wiring specified in the modular standard, with any additional wiring required by the club/standard for the DCC system. The connector types would also match those of the club's standard to enable a simple "plug and play" connection to the layout.