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Multifunction Decoder:

Digitrax: DH126D

Summary: 1.5 amp decoder with FX3 function outputs for prototypical lighting effects and on/off control. Desided for HO scale, and is a wired decoder.

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Digitrax DH126D.jpg
General information
Manufacturer Digitrax
MSRP 23.00 USD23.41 EUR <br />20.49 GBP <br />34.76 AUD <br />31.03 CAD <br />
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Release information
Manufacturer Part Number DGTDH126D
Common Name
Decoder Core Features Functions, Lights, Motive
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Year Released 02/2014
Year EOL
Hardware Information
Scales HO
Connection Method Wire Leads
Length 27.28 mm2.728 cm <br />0.0273 m <br />1.074 in <br />0.0895 ft <br />
Width 17.08 mm1.708 cm <br />0.0171 m <br />0.672 in <br />0.056 ft <br />
Height 6.6 mm0.66 cm <br />0.0066 m <br />0.26 in <br />0.0217 ft <br />
Continuous Amps 1.25
Max Amps 2
Voltage Range
General DCC Information
Extended Addressing Yes
Speed Steps 28/128
User Loadable Speed Table Yes
Back EMF
Programming Modes
Decoder Assisted Consists Yes
CV Readback
Silent Running (HF) Yes
Kick Start
Function Information
# of Functions 2
Function Amps 500ma
# of Lighting Effects 2
# of Sound Effects 0
Programming Information
Programming Lock
Decoder Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface No
Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible
UPC Number


  • FX3 Function outputs for prototypical lighting effects and on/off control:
    • Constant Brightness Lighting with directional or independent control.
    • Realistic Effects like Ditch lights, Mars lights, strobes, and many more
    • FX3 & Standard Function Qualifiers operate functions based on direction,
    • F0 on or off, direction and F0, and whether loco is moving.
    • FX3 effects optimized for selectable LED or lamp operation
    • Configurable FX3 Pulse Function available on all function outputs.
    • Function Remapping for custom function setup.
    • Master Light Switch turns off all lights & functions with one keystroke.
    • Advanced Consist Function Controls
  • Digitrax LocoMotion® System-Your locomotives look like the real thing.
    • The Digitrax LocoMotion System makes them run like the real thing, too!
    • Torque Compensation for smooth as silk silent operation.
    • 128 Speed Step operation (14 or 28 steps can also be used).
    • Momentum with acceleration and deceleration.
    • Normal Direction of Travel is user selectable.
    • Switching Speed feature for easier and faster access to yard speeds.
    • 3 Step Speed Tables set start, mid and max voltage for custom control.
    • 28 Step Speed Tables with 256 level resolution for precise control.
  • Program CVs using any Digitrax Compatible Control system without having to buy any extra equipment.
  • Series 6 Decoder Features.
  • 2 Digit and 4 Digit Addressing.
  • Basic, Advanced & UniVersal Consisting.
  • SuperSonic motor drive for silent operation.
  • Direct mode programming.
  • Decoder Reset CV with or without speed table reset.
  • Transponder Equipped ready for transponding on your Layout.
  • Motor Isolation Protection helps prevent damage to your decoder.
  • DCC Compatible.
  • FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant.
  • Digitrax “No Worries” Warranty.


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