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Manufacturer: Digitrax

Summary: Manufacturer of a complete line of DCC products – Everything from Starter Sets to function, multifunction and accessory decoders.

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General information
Phone +1-850-872-9890
Fax +1-850-872-9557
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals Product Manuals
Address Digitrax, Inc.

2443 Transmitter Rd Panama City, FL 32404-3157 USA

Date Opened 1993
Date Closed
Device Types Other, Booster, Command Station, Mobile Decoder, Power Supply, Stationary Decoder, Throttle

Getting started with Digitrax

For those just getting started with Digitrax products, or want a quick over view, we highly suggest reading the Digitrax primer. It reviews basics the basics of the Digitrax system so that one can easily compare with other DCC systems out there.

Manufacturer ID # 129

Products Offered

Digitrax offers a large number of products. Please the Digitrax Products page for details.

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Digitrax FAQs

Q: What does 'Slot=Max' mean on Digitrax?

The Slot=Max message means that you have used all of the available slots in your command station. Or you have the maximum number of locomotives allowed by your system in use.

On a DT400 or DT300, the display will show Slot=Max. Older DT100 or DT200 throttles will display FF, and the Zephyr shows FULL. All these indications mean that the number of slots available is zero, as all are in use.

For more information on the Slots and the Slot Max error, see the Slots article.

The maximum number of locomotives that can be run at any one time depends on the number of available slots in the command station. Each command station has a different maximum number of slots available. The DCS50 (Zephyr) has 10 slots, the DB150 (Empire Builder) has 22 slots, and the DCS100 (Super Chief) has up to 120 slots.

The number of slots used depends on a few factors including the number of locomotives in use on the system, the number of consists defined, and the consisting type used. For more information see the sections on consisting elsewhere in the DCCWiki.

If you receive a slots=max message you must free some slots on the command station.


It is a common misunderstanding that locomotives are associated with throttles, and that the limit on locomotives depends on the throttle. The number of slots available in the command station dictates the maximum number of locomotives that can be "managed" by the system at any one time.

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Q: Digitrax PR4 Drivers

Drivers may be required for your computer to recognize a Digitrax PR3 or PR4/PR4 Xtra.

Windows 10 and 11 should recognize the device and automatically install the correct driver.

  • The driver will say Microsoft
    • Installing drivers from Digitrax will say Digitrax, but are essentially the same.

They will work under MacOS when using software such as JMRI without the need to install additional drivers.

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Q: Digtrax and Indexed CVs

There should be no issues setting an Indexed CV using a DT402, DT500 or DT602 throttle with a Digitrax Command Station.

JMRI with a LocoNet interface such as the Digtrax PR3/PR4 or a LocoBuffer will also work.

Issues are found with the following command stations:

Do not attempt to write an indexed CV with the following:

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