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Programming Notes, Lenz Digital Plus

This applies to the Digital Plus software revision 1.2

Entering the Programming Mode

The Lenz method of displaying a binary value on the display begins with the Least Significant Bit (LSB) on the left, instead of the Most Significant Bit (MSB). To evaluate what value it is, you must read the number from Right to Left.

This version of the software (V1.2) did not support Operations Mode Programming.

With the locomotive on the programming track, follow this procedure:

  1. Press F, 8, and then ENTER.
  2. Press ENTER key again and the display will show CV.
  3. Press ENTER again. The display will show SEARCH. The decoder's manufacturer ID should appear within a few seconds.
  4. Press any key seven times until the display shows C_.
  5. Enter the number of the CV to change, ENTER twice.
  6. Display will show the current value of the selected CV after a few seconds.
  7. Input the new value, press ENTER.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until finished programming all the CVs that needed to be altered.
  9. Press ESC to exit.