Decoder Reset/Physical Register Mode

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Using NCE Recovery Mode – Physical Register

  • Power Cab - Remove all locomotives from the track except for the one that needs to be reset
  • Ph-Pro 5A system with Pro Cab, use a program track
  • Program Track / Recovery mode not available with SB3, SB3a, or SB5


The NCE Recovery Program writes the factory default values for NCE Decoders. This method can be attempted with other decoders, with unintended results possible. Not all manufacturers use the same CVs for the same purposes.

On the Power Cab / Pro Cab press the Program / Escape key (PROG/ESC) four times. The display should state sel mode - use program trak

  1. The screen will show 1= STD 2= CV 3= REG.
  2. You will see recovery program?
  3. Press 1 to initiate.

The display will count from 1 to 127, then halt.

  • Each time the number increments the locomotive should respond, usually with a ticking sound or a small movement.
    • No response means no communication with decoder.
  • When reset process is complete, reboot the entire NCE DCC system, with the locomotive still on the tracks
  • When the DCC system is ready, press select locomotive, press 3, then enter.
  • Attempt flashing the headlight multiple times to establish if communication with the locomotive is present
  • Try to run the locomotive on address 3.