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A listing of Digitrax wireless products.

Wireless Throttles

Digitrax offers a number of wireless options for throttles.

The following chart outlines what is available and the Utility Panels it works with. Please note that some items may have been discontinued.

Wireless Throttles and Compatible Utility Panels

Throttle UP5 / UP7 UR90 UR91 UR92
UT4 Tethered Only Tethered or IR
UT4R Tethered or IR Tethered, IR or Simplex Tethered or IR
UT4D Tethered or IR Duplex, Tethered or IR
DT402 Tethered or IR
DT402R Tethered or IR Tethered, IR or Simplex Tethered or IR
DT402D Tethered or IR Duplex, Tethered or IR
  • The UP5 is no longer available, replaced by the UP7


  1. LocoNet ID: See LocoNet page for details about the LocoNet ID. The UR9x series use this feature.
  2. The DT602 supports IR operation, the location of the IR emitters on the throttle's body result in erratic operation.


This is the Infrared Equipped Panel that can work with any throttle. Several will be needed as they are line of sight units.

Supports up to 10 throttles.


Simplex Radio, 900MHz. Most layouts require only one UR91. IR is also supported.

Simplex Notes

Throttle must be physically connected to select, dispatch or program a locomotive.


Duplex Radio in the 2.4GHz band. Range is approximately 900 feet. IR operation is also supported. UR92CE is the same unit built to European Standards

See Also

Simplex, Duplex and Infrared explains the differences between these wireless communication technologies.