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Summary: Submitting new requests to add vendors is easy, just complete the form on the add new vendor request page.

The vendor pricing system is very young and is still under active development.

To add a vendor, visit the New Vendor Request page. There's also a list of pending vendors available as well as a currently available vendors.

Existing & pending vendors

The Pending Vendors page show in-progress vendors. Be sure to check the tab titled 'Won't implement' for a list of vendors that have been reviewed and will not be added.

There's also a list of currently available vendors as well.

Won't implement

For various reasons, some vendors do not qualify or are otherwise unable to be added. Click on the vendor name to see additional details. To appeal a decision, please visit the DCCWiki Forum and search for the vendor. Sometimes a discussion thread will be available and will be listed in the 'Actions' column as 'View Thread' in the list of vendors.

Considerations for adding vendors

Adding vendors requires the effort of a DCCWiki engineer to add a vendor to the price comparison system. It sometimes can take a while to get the vendor fully onboarded.

To suggest a new vendor, complete the New Vendor Request form.

A DCCWiki engineer will complete these steps after a new vendor request has been completed:

  1. Review the request and ensure there's no duplicate vendor created.
  2. Review the vendor's website to ensure they sell DCC-related products and to check if the website is compatible with our pricing system.
  3. Begin by reviewing various products on the vendor's website and spot-checking a few prices.
  4. Begin implementing changes to the DCCWiki price search engine to include the vendor's website.
  5. Data collection will begin slowly over the new few days and weeks. This helps to ensure the vendor's website doesn't get overwhelmed by DCCWiki price engine tasks.

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