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Summary: Pending vendors status information. Adding new vendors sometimes takes a significant amount of coding and time to complete.

Status messages

There are various status messages that can help determine the progress of a new vendor. Nearly every vendor's webpage is different from each other and it can take a bit of time to fully implement a price collection system for any given vendor. These status messages provide general feedback on the progress of the new vendor request.

  • New: This vendor hasn't been reviewed by the DCCWiki engineers. The vendors with this status typically have just been submitted.
  • Under Review: A DCCWiki engineer has seen this request and is reviewing the information submitted. Additionally, the engineer may be collecting more information about the vendor determining the best way to implement a solution.
  • In queue: The request has been queued and will be implemented when time permits.
  • In process: The request is officially being implemented.
  • Final review: The vendor has been added, but new prices collected from the vendor is actively being monitored to ensure prices, quantity available, and currency information is properly being collected.
  • Completed: The vendor request have been completed and is no longer being monitor. Any issues with the vendor should be brought up at the DCCWIki Forum
  • Won't Implement: This vendor will not be impleted. See the request notes for details and explanation.

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