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Various aspects of DCCWiki can be monitored with RSS or Atom feeds to make it easier to keep track of changes.

Atom (1.0) feeds

  • Changes to any DCCWiki article: go to the article's history page and use the toolbox (click on the gear drop down menu) link labeled "Atom" to subscribe to this feed
  • Recent changes (alternatively: go to Special:RecentChanges and use the toolbox link labeled "Atom" to subscribe to this feed)
  • New Pages (alternatively: go to Special:NewPages and use the toolbox link labeled "Atom" to subscribe to this feed)
  • User watchlist feed; watchlist with all changes (not just the most recent)
  • Contribution pages for a specific user: go to the user's contribution page and use the toolbox link labeled "Atom" to subscribe to this feed

RSS feeds

Watchlist feed with token

You can set up an RSS or Atom feed of your watchlist that is accessible even when logged out:

  1. Go to Special:ResetTokens
  2. On this "Reset tokens" page, copy and paste the randomly-generated value token value for the next step
  3. Your watchlist RSS feed can be found at https:, where USERNAME is your username without the User: prefix and TOKEN is the watchlist token you copied from your preferences. If you would prefer an Atom feed rather than an RSS one, add "&feedformat=atom" to the Link of your feed.
  4. Similar to your watchlist preferences, the feed of your watchlist can be customized by adding different parameters to the link of your feed, see documentation on DCCWiki. e.g. &hours=72&wlexcludeuser=USERNAME to display the maximum length and to exclude your own changes.

XML exports

You can export the contents of a particular article or set of articles in XML format via the Special:Export page. This special page allows exporting the history of the page as well (up to 1000 revisions). Test out the full-history export on a page with a short history, to make sure you know what you are getting.

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