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Attempts to program a decoder using JMRI result in a 302 error.

This means the programmer is busy. The typical cause is the command station lacks a programming track output, or a device such as a Digitrax PR3/PR4 is not configured for standalone programmer mode.

The reason for this is that the software is waiting for the decoder to respond and it times out.

User impatience is another factor, clicking on buttons before a process has completed can cause this error.

A frequent cause is another DCC device, such as a throttle, is being used for a programming operation and has blocked DecoderPro. Another cause can be a command station which does not permit Service Mode Programming while Operations Mode Programming is in use.

When JMRI is used with a Digitrax command station, there is no "time out" as JMRI is waiting for a specific response from the command station. In the case of a communications failure, an error 306 would occur. The JMRI Throttle can confirm if communications are working, as it requires bi-directional traffic.