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Lenz LB100 Dual Occupancy Detector

LB100 Manual

The LB100 contains two independent occupancy detectors, each of which can be used to detect that a train or piece of rolling stock occupies a section of track. It operates on the “current sensing principle”. The LB100 only detect occupancy when there is a "current consumer" within the monitored track section (detection section). The LB100 has been designed to detect a decoder equipped locomotive or a single car with lighting or resistor wheelsets.

When the LB100 detects that there is something it its detection section, the LB100 closes a switch. This switch can be used to trigger other devices such as signals or layout feedback devices such as the DIGITAL plus LR100 encoder. The LB100 is compatible with all NMRA DCC systems.

Connecting the LB100 to a Feedback Unit

You can connect a total of 8 LB100s to one LR100. That equals 16 detection sections. If you want more detection sections on your train layout, simply add another set of LR100/LB100s.