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Lenz: LH101 (LH101)

Summary: The LH101 combines the best features of the LH90 and LH100 so you have the full keypad of the LH100 and a rotary speed control.

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General information
Manufacturer Lenz

MSRP 180.50 EUR177.31 USD <br />157.93 GBP <br />267.97 AUD <br />239.21 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name LH101
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Wired
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders Yes
Max Number of Controllable Functions 29


  • Rotary Speed Control
  • 9999 addresses supported
  • Addresses entered via keypad
  • Recall Stack of eight addresses
  • 29 Functions
    • Functions may be momentary or toggle operation
  • Direction key
  • Emergency stop
  • Display indicates functions
  • Synchronised control of several locomotives into a consist
  • Can display status of Accessory Decoders
  • Program Multifunction and Accessory decoders
    • Programming Track
    • Operations Mode
  • Up to 1024 accessories can be controlled.
  • Routes Mode
  • Club mode: Handset can be limited to a single loco for an inexperienced driver to operate.
  • Works with LZV100 Version 3.6 Software

LH101 FAQs

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