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Lenz LI-USB Computer Interface


The LI-USB is an Interface for connecting a computer to a Digital Plus by Lenz Digital Command Control system.

All system functions can be controlled via a personal computer (with suitable software).

System requirements: USB interface.


The new Digital plus Li-USB-Ethernet Interface not only offers a USB interface, but also an Ethernet interface which facilitates the connection of the device to a computer and/or router. This opens up interesting new possibilities for model railway control, now wireless control using an iPod Touch or iPhone is a reality!

Connect the Li-USB-Ethernet interface via XpressNet to the command station and via Ethernet to a router. Now you can control your model railway wirelessly with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Also read Wireless control with iPhone or iPod Touch on the Lenz website.

Other Lenz Xpressnet Interfaces

These devices are now obsolete, so they are not available for sale at the retail level.


The LI100 is used to connect your Lenz DIGITAL Plus system to a computer. All functions of the system are available to computer programs. The LI100 has a RS232 interface for computer connection and connection to the any X-Bus based system.

Manuals for these older products are available on the Lenz Website.