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Summary: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Lenz DCC Systems

Troubleshooting Lenz DCC Components

Main article: Lenz FAQ/Error Codes

Command Stations


Clearing the Stack

  1. Set address on your throttle to 000 in the same manner as any other address.
  2. Press "4" about 20-28 times.
  3. At this point, a short, delayed response occurs on the LH's display.
  4. Shut off system power and wait a minute or two (any residual power can dissipate)
  5. Turn system on. The stack should have been purged and reset the command station to factory default.

If you have a RRampmeter in the circuit, after step three power to track and the display will go off for a second or two.

Any decoder address entered with an LH unit will automatically be loaded into the system stack.

Error 02

When Error 02 occurs while programming it indicates that the command station did not receive a response from the decoder. Most decoders will briefly energize the motor to indicate the command has been received. The command station can detect that.


If an error 02 is occurring, check the following items:

  1. Connection from the command station to the programming track
  2. If a newly wired programming track, verify the connections to the programming track
  3. Verify the decoder is wired correctly (if recently installed)
  4. Check the electrical connections between the wheels and the decoder
  5. Is the locomotive close to the programming track's feeders
  6. Are the track and wheels clean
Flashing LED

Press the ST button (LH100) or target button (LH90).

This indicates a short. If the flashing does not stop, disconnect the DCC system from the layout and power it up. If pressing the appropriate key on the throttle does not clear the error (should it be flashing), there is an issue with the DCC system, not the layout.

If the flashing stops, there is a problem with the layout wiring. There may be a tool on the tracks, or a crossed wire in the Xpressnet wiring.

If pressing the key does not clear the error, disconnect the LVZ100 from the layout and take it to the workbench.

  1. Connect a power supply to the U and V terminals
  2. Connect J and K terminals length of flex track
  3. Connect an LH100 or LH90 throttle
  4. Turn on the power supply to the unit
    1. If the LED is flashing, press the ST (LH100) or Target (LH90) key once
    2. If the LED stops flashing, the problem is not with your DCC system
      1. There is a possible short on the layout
        1. Check the last section of track work or wiring completed
      2. Possible crossed wire in the XpressNet bus

LVZ100 with LV100, LV101 or LV102 Booster

If the combination will not work, but did previously, check the C, D and E connections. Miswiring is often the culprit.

Lenz Throttle Shortcuts

Main article: Lenz FAQ/Throttle Cheat Sheet


A steady or flashing display of LH100 usually indicates a broken wire in the cable. Another cause can be the EPROM in the throttle isn't seated or has corrosion on its pins.

In either case the recommended action is to return the unit to a service center for repair.


ERR 03 when attempting to create a consist is often a result of not having control of the locomotive. Review the manual for the consisting process.

Another cause is mismatched firmware versions between the throttle and command station. Older systems which have been upgraded may also exhibit this. One solution is to attempt a system reset using another LH throttle.

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