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A product of RR-CirKits.

LocoBuffer-USB provides a simple and easy way to create a bridge/connect between a computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Digitrax's Loconet® bus. 1

The main difference between the Locobuffer-USB and the previous Locobuffer II is that this device uses a USB port to interface with the computer, instead of the familiar serial port.


  • USB 2.0 to Loconet® interface
  • Optical isolation between USB and LocoNet® prevents potential grounding problems
  • Buffered inputs and outputs allows use with all USB supported operating systems
    • CD with drivers for Linux 2.4, Mac OS-9, OS X, MS Windows 98SE, ME, 2K, XP
  • Packaged unit size just 1-1/2" x 3" x 3/4"
  • Ready to run unit
  • Internal LocoNet® terminator.
    • Allows a LocoBuffer-USB to add LocoNet® device compatibility to other systems
  • 57,600 BPS interface speed
    • No jumpers or switches to set
  • Compatible with existing software
  • Installs as a serial port
  • Hardware handshaking using RTS/CTS
    • Includes DTR/DSR turn back required for MS Windows XP
  • Boot Loader for firmware upgrades
    • Does not require special hardware to install upgrades
  • Powered directly from USB and LocoNet® Rail Sync lines
    • No external power adapter needed
  • Internal option connector allows for future features
    • Planned optional programming track output
  • Includes 3' USB A-B and 14' LocoNet® cables


This device allows you to connect the layout's LocoNet to a computer, and using software, automate or configure various things. One application is using DecoderPro from the JMRI webpage to program your decoders.

Instead of the labourious task of programming a decoder manually, you can do it with a graphical interface on your computer. Or even save the config before tampering with the settings. Especially useful if you have a sound decoder that has a million options.

Serial to USB note

The device needs the RTS/CTS signals to work. If you need a serial-USB converter, some may not work as they ignore the RTS and CTS lines on the serial port. See the JMRI web site for info.

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