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As founder of this open source community wiki for all things DCC, I (TazzyTazzy) felt it was time for a revamp and add some much need user interface improvements. Over the last year or so, I have not done much to this site. There have been a few dedicated users here, but I want to bring this wiki to the next level.

Feel free to add what you feel is missing, here's a list to start with. As these items get address, they will be moved to the appropriate section.

What is missing

  • Old home page - needs more useful navigation (work in progress)
  • Navigation in general (started adding navboxes to major dcc topics)
    • Where do I find what I'm looking for?
    • Where do I put information that I have?
  • Adding content
    • Wiki syntax isn't very easy everyone
    • Uploading images and adding them to an article can be bothersome, at best.
    • How do I catalog this data?
    • Where do I put data - reviews, decoder information
    • Writing up decoder installs
    • Non consistent data for various items - eg, decoders or command stations

What has been done

  • Adding basic content is being addressed first. It's now easier to add/edit/update:

What needs to be done

  • Finish revamping the home page
  • Complete the help system for navigating the wiki, adding and edit content, etc.
  • Migrate data / pages from the other manual method to the new system.
  • Create additional forms:
    • Boosters
    • Power supplies
    • Stationary Decoders
    • Cabs (Throttles)
    • Product reviews

Where can I help

There's lots to do.

  • For starters, the Command Station List needs to be completed. We need to catalog all the command stations. There's already a DCC Systems comparison but needs to be migrated over to the new system.
  • Propose how what other items should be captured in the command station database. I think we need a section for notes or tips for each command station.
    • Put your ideas here: