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Summary: A comparison between various Digital Command Control Starter Systems.

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This list relies on manufacturers publishing complete and up to date information about their products. Consult their websites or your local dealer for more details. Remember: This listing is compiled by volunteers.

Digital Command Control System Comparison Tables

This is by no means a complete and comprehensive listing. Some systems may not be listed as they are uncommon and information about them is hard to come by. For the most part the list is created from information publicly available on manufacturer websites and other sources. This listing is by no means complete and authoritative. Registered users can add or correct information. If you wish to add details or make corrections, and don't want to mess with the table formatting, you may leave your comments on the Talk Page for this article.

Starter Set Comparison Tables




Main article: DCC Starter Systems Comparison/Digitrax for a table with only Digitrax Systems


Main article: DCC Starter Systems Comparison/Lenz for a table with only Lenz Systems


Main article: DCC Starter Systems Comparison/NCE for a table with only NCE Systems

Digital Command Control System Comparisons

There is an online listing in Google Docs available here: DCC System/Command Station Matrix. The DCCWiki makes no claims or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of this listing, as it is compiled and maintained by an outside source.

DCC Starter Systems Table

This table relies on manufacturers publishing complete and up to date information about their products. Consult their websites or your local dealer for more details. Remember: This listing is compiled by volunteers.

Not all systems are included in the table below. Some DCC Systems may be no longer available, they are listed because they appear on the used market at times. Systems from defunct manufacturers do not appear as they have been off the market for years and little to no information is available about them. Nonetheless some orphaned systems are still very capable.


The DCC Starter Systems table is no longer maintained. See the Starter Sets List for more information. Registered Users can add to or update the Starter Set listing. The table below is being kept as a historical reference.

DCC Starter Systems

Last updated July 15 2020

System Name Maximum
Consists Functions Amps Feedback Communications
Programming Modes:
Service or Ops Modes
Range Digits Maximum Universal or Advanced Available Functions
Bachmann EZ Command 24 Base Unit Knob 14 103 2 None 10 F0-F8 3 No X-Bus Service No
ECos 50210 ? Base unit Knob 14,
9999 2/4 ? All 20 6 RailCom ECOsLink Ops Yes
ECos Cab Control 2 32 Wireless6 16000 ? 28
Roco LokMaus2 10 Hand-Held Knob, Centre Off 99 None 4 F0-F3 2.7 ? XpressNet Yes No
Lenz Compact/Atlas Master 5 Base Unit Knob 99 ? Advanced 5 F0-F4 2.5 No
Gaugemaster / MRC Prodigy Advance 99 Hand-Held Knob 9999 99 Advanced 9 F0–F8 5 Yes MRC Throttle BUS Yes Yes
Lenz Set 90 31 Hand-Held Knob 256 All 13 F0-F12 5 Yes XpressNet All Yes
Lenz Set 100 Buttons
Lenz Set 101 Knob 29 F0-F28
Digitrax Zephyr (DCS51) 10 Base Unit Lever 9983 10 All 9 F0-F8 2.5 No LocoNet Yes , plus Blast Mode Yes
Digitrax Zephyr XTRA (DCS51) 20 30 F0-F29 3.0
Digitrax Zephyr Express (DCS52)
Digitrax Super Empire Builder/ SEB XTRA 22 Hand-Held Buttons,
Two Knobs
22 9; XTRA: 30 F0-F8/F0-F29 5 All No
Digitrax Super Chief/ SC XTRA 120 120 13; XTRA: 30 F0-F12/F0-F29 5/8 Yes
Digitrax EVO Advanced 100 9000+ ? 30 F0-F29 5/8 ?
Digitrax EVOD Advanced
Digitrax Evolution Express Advanced 100
Fleischmann Twin Center 64 Base Unit 2 Knobs 9999 8 None 9 F0-F8 3 Yes Yes Yes
NCE Power House Pro 63 Hand-Held Buttons and
Thumb Wheel
127 7 All 29 F0-F28 10 Yes NCE Cab Bus Yes Yes
NCE Pro Cab
NCE Power Cab 4
CVP Products 99 Base Unit Knob Unlimited Universal 13 F0-F12 10 No EasyDCC Yes Yes
Zimo MX31 30 Hand-Held Slider 128 10239 4 Unlimited Universal 12 10 / 2@8 Yes 115 kbit/s CAN bus Yes Yes
ZTC 511 0 Base Unit Lever 14/28 9999 2/4 ? ? 28 5 No Extended X-Bus Yes Yes

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CVP and Zimo: Unlimited consists, to a maximum of 256 locomotives in a consist.

1) Due to patent and licensing agreements, Zero Stretching may not be available in every market.

2) ESU's Cab Control was developed for the North American and Australian markets.

3) Address 10, not recommended, see the manual.

4) Using a DC throttle connected to the E_Z Command.

5) Additional Optional Equipment may be required for read back capability.

6) ESU Cab Control (#50310) supports their own throttle, as well as smartphone throttles such as Engine Control.

7) NCE Power Cab supports only 16 advanced consists plus 4 old style consists with 2 locomotives each.

Detailed Table

Main article: DCC_Starter_Systems_Comparison/Detailed DCC Systems Comparison


Due to changes in products offered, always check the manufacturer's website for the latest specifications and models. This list is by no means complete and authoritative with regard to what is offered at this time. Manufacturers may change specifications and product lineup without notice. Any specifications published here are from various sources, and are completely dependent on what the manufacturer/supplier publishes. E&OE