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Summary: The Soundcar is a function only decoder which provides sound effects

SoundCar is a Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder manufactured by Soundtraxx.

What is a SoundCar decoder?

The 16-bit Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder™ is the only Digital Command Control function decoder which replicates railcar sounds, such as the clickety-clack, flange squeal, flat spots, generator, brake cylinders, and glad hand release. It also includes a selection of user-adjustable horns, bells and whistles for cab cars and cabooses. For even more realism, the decoder has four Hyperlight lighting outputs for interior and exterior lights.

The SoundCar also includes a connection for a CurrentKeeper.


The SoundCar measures 47 x 14 x 8.5 mm, and are easy to install in N to G scales. They require an 8-ohm speaker. For the optimal aural experience SoundTraxx recommends use in every third or fourth car in a consist.

It includes a selection of horns, bells and whistles for cab cars and cabooses. For extra realism, the decoder has four Hyperlight outputs for interior and exterior lighting. It can also be programmed as a freight car, mechanical reefer, stock car or caboose, in addition to passenger cars, with or without a generator.

Available Effects

  • Brake cylinders/Brake squeal
  • Clickety-clack: two, four and six-axle cars
  • Coupler clank and pin drop, Coupler release with glad hand separation
  • Flange squeal
  • Flat spots
  • Emergency brake valve (“big hole”): Activated when the emergency stop button is pressed
  • User configured Generators for reefers and passenger cars
  • Hand brake tie down and untie
  • Multiple airhorns, air whistle and bells with adjustable ring rates for cab cars and cabooses
  • Airhorns: Wabco E2, Nathan K5LA and Hancock air whistle
  • Bells: Cast, electronic and gong
  • Retainer bleed-off


Simulate interior coach lights, marker lamps, flashing rear-end devices (FRED), and more.

More information

SoundCar Info Sheet