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Is it just me or is this page a waste of effort? There is lots of stuff on electronics, volts amps Ohm's law etc etc on Wikipedia. We should spend our time writing articles about DCC and model railways, and the application of electronics. External references to Wikipedia can save us loads of background work.

Ohm's law (another comment)

Rick B--



With that out of the way--

The Wiki article goes into a bit more depth; I'd like to think that this page gives a brief synopsis of what Ohm's Law does without getting into a lot of detail.

Is there a good "Intro to electricity/electronics 101" out there that we can point people to instead of getting into more basic electronics?

Is there a benefit to including the basics here as well as a link to elsewhere? Are people less likely to follow an external link rather than an internal link?

I don't really know the answer; ideas are welcome!

--Paul E Musselman

PS-- I clumped the electronics/electricity stuff under the "Electronics Primer" topic... are there other topics that need to be covered? I think we need enough so that people can understand the -why- of wiring and not just the "do it this way and it works" kind of instructions, although those are needed, too!