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Train Control Systems: UWT-50E

Summary: The UWT-50 is a universal Wi-Fi Throttle, also supporting LCC.

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General information
Manufacturer Train Control Systems

MSRP 199.95 USD203.55 EUR <br />178.10 GBP <br />302.18 AUD <br />269.75 CAD <br />
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Release information

Product URL Product Link
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Radio, Wired
Radio Requirements WiThottle
Power method Battery
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders Yes

UWT-50 Versions

Available in two versions, with the suffix 'p' indicating a potentiometer or 'e' with an encoder. This page is for the 'E' version, see 'UWT-50P' for the 'P' version.

Encoder control for speed allows for infinite scrolling, and no defined "0" or "full" speed position on the knob. The knob on the UWT-50E can also be used to navigate the menus. The knob can also be pressed in to set the speed to 0 (or many other configurable options), or to select a menu item.


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