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Train Control Systems: UWT-50E

Summary: The UWT-50 is a universal Wi-Fi Throttle, also supporting LCC.

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General information
Manufacturer Train Control Systems

MSRP 199.95 USD203.55 EUR <br />178.10 GBP <br />302.18 AUD <br />269.75 CAD <br />
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Product information

Product URL External Product Link

Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Radio, Wired
Radio Requirements DCC_Software#WiThrottle
Power method Battery
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders Yes

UWT-50 Versions

Available in two versions, with the suffix 'p' indicating a potentiometer or 'e' with an encoder. This page is for the 'E' version, see 'UWT-50P' for the 'P' version.

Encoder control for speed allows for infinite scrolling, and no defined "0" or "full" speed position on the knob. The knob on the UWT-50E can also be used to navigate the menus. The knob can also be pressed in to set the speed to 0 (or many other configurable options), or to select a menu item.


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