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Stationary Decoder:

YaMoRC: YD8008

Summary: Specially designed for high-current solenoid point-motors, the YD8008 is an 8-fold solenoid decoder with intelligent Capacitive Discharge Unit.

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General information
DCC Category
Stationary Decoder
Manufacturer YaMoRC
MSRP 68.50 EUR67.29 USD <br />59.93 GBP <br />101.69 AUD <br />90.78 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
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Release information

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Has computer interface Other
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Misc Details
Height 22 mm2.2 cm <br />0.022 m <br />0.866 in <br />0.0722 ft <br />
Length 84 mm8.4 cm <br />0.084 m <br />3.307 in <br />0.276 ft <br />
Width 88 mm8.8 cm <br />0.088 m <br />3.465 in <br />0.289 ft <br />
  • Eight independent 9.5Amp solenoid outputs
  • Smart, 9400 µF CDU, monitoring charge levels for safe and powerful switching
  • Only 380 mA power consumption during charging
  • Very simple basic-setup (base address), by pressing the programming button and switching the desired turnout address
  • No complicated CV settings.
  • Clear text configuration based upon our new ES-Link technology.
  • With our YD9101-Config or YD7100-Command, configuration can be done via built-in web interface. No need for PC-software or Phone/Tablet Apps !
  • Eight address to output mappings, each mapping can a free choice address which can switch any and every output
  • Sequential output activation based upon pulse time and CDU charge level.
  • CDU start-up delay adjustable to prevent tripping short circuit protection in boosters
  • Very modest power supply requirements. Even for SEEP/Gaugemaster motors a 15V/500mA wall wart is more than enough.
  • Not suitable for motorized point motors. For these motors, use our YD8116. This also counts for MTB point motors.
  • For two-wire solenoid motors, like Kato, adapter YD6940 should be used.

YD8008 FAQs

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