FAQ:Zimo Decoder Hard Reset

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General information
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At times Zimo multifunction decoders may no longer respond, or cannot be programmed or updated.

This often occurs with older firmware. In these cases, revive the decoder via the following sequence of CVs.

This process requires using Service Mode Programming, following this sequence exactly. No other process such as reading CVs can occur between steps. The command station must set the CVs directly. Command Stations such as the Marklin MS2 or Roco Multimaus, which read the CV before programming, cannot be used.

  1. CV 7 = 0
  2. CV 31 = 0
  3. CV 32 = 0
  4. CV 8 = 8
  5. CV 15 = 0
  6. CV 16 = 0
  7. CV 8 = 8
  8. CV 144 = 0

This process should be successful if the decoder software is the root of the issue. Defective hardware requires returning the decoder to Zimo for repair.