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Command Station:

DCC-EX Team and Products: DCC++ (DCC plus plus)

Summary: DCC++ BASE STATION is a C++ program written by Gregg E. Berman for the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega using the Arduino IDE 1.6.6 or higher. NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC) standards.

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General information
Manufacturer DCC-EX Team and Products
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Common Name DCC++
Alternative Names DCC-EX, DCC++
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Has computer
Successor DCC-EX Team and Products/EX-CommandStation

Integrated Throttle None
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Consisting Methods
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 29
Zero Stretching No


DCC++ is no longer updated or supported. Refer to to the EX-CommandStation by the DCC-EX team for its replacement.

DCC++ BASE STATION is a C++ program written by Gregg E. Berman for the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega using the Arduino IDE 1.6.6 or higher.

A standard Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega with an Arduino motor shield (as well as others) can be configured a fully-functioning Digital Command Control Command Station with integrated Booster that conforms to the current NMRA DCC standards.

DCC++ BASE STATION supports:

  • Two and Four Digit addressing
  • Simultaneous control of multiple locomotives
  • 128 speed steps
  • Functions F0-F28
  • Activate/de-activate accessory functions using 512 addresses, each * with 4 sub-addresses
  • Optional functionality to monitor and store of the status of turnouts
  • Programming on the Main
  • write configuration variables
  • Programming Track
  • read CVs

Controlled with simple text commands via the Arduino's serial interface, or other supported interfaces. When compiled for the Arduino Mega, communications can be via Ethernet. DCC++ Controller, (available separately) a configurable graphic interface to the DCC++ Base Station.

EX-CommandStation Components

The DCC++ system consists of a DCC++ Base Station and DCC++ Controller.

The DCC++ Base Station consists of an Arduino microcontroller fitted with an Arduino Motor Shield that can be connected directly to the tracks of a model railroad.

The DCC++ Controller provides operators with a customizable GUI to control their model railroad. Written in Java using the Processing graphics library and IDE and communicates with the DCC++ Base Station via a standard serial connection over a USB cable or wireless over BlueTooth.

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