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Manufacturer: DCC-EX Team and Products

Summary: A team of dedicated enthusiasts producing open source DCC solutions

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Device Types Command Station, Stationary Decoder, Throttle


DCC-EX is a team of dedicated enthusiasts producing open source DCC solutions for you to run your complete model railroad layout. Our easy to use, do-it-yourself, and free open source products run on off-the-shelf Arduino technology and are supported by numerous third party hardware and apps like JMRI, Engine Driver, wiThrottle, Rocrail and more.

EX-CommandStation is the flagship product from DCC-EX, a team created early in 2020 to address the need for an easy-to-use, easy to assemble, and inexpensive command station for model railroads. Inspired by the original DCC++, the work of Gregg E. Berman in 2014, DCC-EX took the base concept and set of commands, completely re-wrote the software from the ground up, and added many new features and enhancements. EX-CommandStation by the DCC-EX is an easy and affordable DIY DCC Command Station and related products for running an entire model railroad layout from locomotives to accessories. DCC-EX software is free and open source and runs on low cost and easily available Arduino (and other) microcontroller based hardware.


Currently, the project has the following products:

  • EX-CommandStation: Full-featured command station with WiThrottle support, turnout and accessory control, and general-purpose I/O, as well as tight integration with JMRI and Engine Driver. A wide variety of CABS/Throttles in addition to JMRI and Engine Driver are supported.
  • EX-Installer: This handles downloading and installing EX-CommandStation software onto your hardware (Arduino).
  • EX-RAIL: The built-in scripting language for automating your model railroad.
  • EX-WebThrottle: Web based throttle for EX-CommandStation.
  • EX-Turntable: A separate stepper based turntable controller.
  • EX-IOExpander: Use additional microcontrollers to expand I/O port capability.
  • EX-DCCInspector: A small, inexpensive (under $15), DIY DCC Sniffer to provide complete diagnostics of exactly what data is being sent to the track.
  • EX-FastClock: A FastClock to enable time based events.

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