Digitrax BXPA1

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  • LocoNet
  • Auto-Reverser with Detection
  • Transponding
  • Power Management

The BXPA1 is a combination DCC Auto-Reverser, occupancy detector, Transponding detector, and intelligent power manager. The BXPA1 is a silent solid-state device with no relays.

  • One reversing section or sub-district.
  • DCC Occupancy Detection for Reversing Section
  • Integrated Transponding Zone transmits location of transponder-equipped locos or rolling stock.
  • Intelligent Automatic short-circuit and over-current
  • Connects to LocoNet
  • Detects most powered locomotives
  • Detects rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets
  • Additional connections for opto-isolated occupancy detector output, manual power control, and remote status indicator
  • Operations Mode Read Back allows you to read CV values of decoders equipped with transponders