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Summary: Digitrax makes a number of Radio Panels for use with wireless throttles.

Radio Panels

UR91 Radio Equipped/IR Receiver Unit

The UR91 (Discontinued) adds simplex radio operation. Operates in the 900 MHz band, can support up to 10 radio/IR throttles. Supports simplex radio and IR simultaneously.

Usually only one is needed for radio operation. Simplex throttles must be connected to the panel by their cable to program, select or dispatching a locomotive.

UR92 Duplex Radio Transceiver/IR Receiver

The UR92/UR92CE (retired in February 2021) is a duplex radio so that throttles do not need to be tethered to select or dispatch a locomotive. Supports up to 20 duplex throttles. Most installations will only require one UR92. Also supports the IR throttles.

Duplex radio operates in the 2.4 GHz band, simplex is not supported. Includes Group Mode, to minimize interference at shows when several Digitrax Duplex systems are in use.

UR92CE Duplex Radio Transceiver/IR Receiver for Europe

Version for the EU.

UR93 Radio Panel

Main article: UR93

The UR93 is a radio transceiver for throttles. This device does not support the IR (Infrared) throttles.

UR93 Transceiver for Duplex Throttles

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