Digitrax UR93

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Summary: Digitrax UR93 Duplex Radio Panel

This device was only available with the new Evolution Express starter set. As of August 2020 it became a standalone product.

Digitrax UR93

LocoNet Duplex Transceiver

  • This unit does not support IR throttles
  • Better range than the UR92, claimed to be more than doubled
  • Compatible with existing UR92 duplex radio systems
  • Improved multi-path rejection
  • Status LEDs

Throttle Support

The following Duplex Radio throttles are supported.

  • DT602D/DE
  • DT500D
  • DT402D UT4D
  • Combinations of the above throttles are supported

IR modes are not supported.


Available UR93E for EN-300-328 Wireless conformity.

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