FAQ:Disable Startup Sequence for a LokSound Multifunction Decoder

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General information
DCC Categories Multifunction Decoder, Programming, CV"CV" is not in the list (Animation, Auto Reverser, Automation, Beginner, Booster, Booster District, Command Station, Computer, Computer Interface, DCC, ...) of allowed values for the "Has DCC Category" property.
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There are two different delay settings in LokSound decoders:

  1. Set CV124 bit 2 (bit weight = 4), startup delay takes effect if speed is zero and Sound Slot 1 (prime mover) is Off. It prevents the operator from activating the prime mover sound then moving off while the prime mover is still cranking over (because that is not how a real locomotive behaves). It is not a fixed value as it is dependent on the time the start-up sequence requires to complete.
  2. Separately, there is a move off delay which takes effect when the locomotive's speed is zero and its prime mover is running. It prevents the locomotive from moving off immediately, allowing the prime mover spool-up time before it actually moves, as again, that is how a real locomotive operates.
    1. By default, the delay is set to three seconds.

Effect (1) is enabled/disabled via bit 2 of CV124.

Effect (2) is a different story:

  1. LokSound V4, this setting is internal to the Sound Slot 2 schedule. It requires a Lokprogrammer and a copy of the original sound file as one has to change and rewrite the entire sound project.
  2. LokSound Select: The user cannot alter it as the Sound Schedule is locked out.
  3. LokSound 5: Typical projects have moved this setting to Sound CV13 (CV 167). Change is possible with an NCE Power Cab or JMRI DecoderPro.
    1. Strongly Recommended: Record the original value in CV167 in case the effect is undesirable and it is necessary to revert to the original value).