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Command Station:

Electronic Solutions Ulm: ESU ECoS Command Station (50210)

Summary: The ECoS 50210 is the second generation of the ECoS command station. ESU continues to offer state-of-the-art digital technology combined with contemporary functional range and easy handling.

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General information
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm

MSRP 699.99 EUR687.61 USD <br />612.46 GBP <br />1,039.19 AUD <br />927.66 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name ESU ECoS Command Station
Alternative Names ESU 50210 ECOS COMMAND STATION, ESU 50210 ECoS 2.1 DCC Command Station, ECoS ESU 50210 Command Station, ESU 50210 ECoS 2.1 DCC Command Station
UPC Number 404464550210
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Has computer
Firmware Upgrade
Predecessor ECos 50200
Successor 50220

Integrated Throttle Knobs and Buttons
Throttle Network ECoSlink
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Basic, Other
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 9
Feedback Yes
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control Yes
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Current 6
Input Power Waveform DC


Second generation of the ECos Command Station

The ECoS has a large coloured display with high resolution. In combination with its ground-breaking and easily operated user interface, ECoS reaches unprecedented ergonomics: unlike all the other central stations, the ECoS can be operated without a stylus - all symbols and writings are clearly marked and structured.


ECoS has 9 function keys per integrated cab. The light and function keys show the current state of the function via LEDs.

Just like ESU multifunction decoders, the ECoS is a real multi-protocol command station.

As a multi-protocol command station, ECoS supports

  • DCC,
  • Märklin® Motorola®,
  • Selectrix® and the
  • M4 data protocol.
    • M4 drives and controls locomotives equipped with mfx® decoders without any restrictions.

With an ECoS one can run locomotives via two integrated cabs with large, easy-grasp motor driven throttle knobs and nine precise click-function keys. In combination with the touch screen, one can control up to 20 functions per engine.

  • Turnouts and magnetic accessories: a large, graphical control panel provides you access for up to 1420 turnouts (DCC or Motorola® protocol).
  • Plan and control routes: Simply put turnouts and magnetic accessories graphically in groups and switch them together. Routes will be activated either by feedback contacts or by key. Supports s88 occupancy detectors or ECoSDetector feedback modules.
  • Operate shuttle trains very easily: put a rail contact at both ends of the track and ECoS will do the rest.
  • Built-in booster has so much power that, in most cases, no need for additional boosters.
  • EcoSlink, a high-speed bus system, based on CAN, that transmits data instantaneously to the command station.
  • Program decoders: the large, colored TFT screen offers good contrast and displays a lot of information in unabbreviated text.
  • RailCom®: With its global detector it recognizes RailCom®-compatible decoders directly on the main track. Supports feedback of turnouts position via the SwitchPilot to the ECoS command station.
  • The ECoS command station provides a network port for connection to a computer. Update software or use a computer for operation.

Ease of Use

ECoS is the command station for all. The large, graphic touch screen display shows all information in plain text; with an integrated help function.

Connect your present equipment to the input of EcoSniffer, and continue to use it: no need to discard anything!

The ECoS command station is recommended for Gauge 1 or G layouts: Run multiple trains without an external booster.

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