FAQ: Consisting with Digitrax Multifunction Decoders

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Consisting Digitrax multifunction decoders with other brands can come with unexpected issues.

It may be necessary to make slight configuration changes to the Digitrax multifunction decoder's BEMF settings.

Consisting Issues with Digitrax Decoders

Some Digitrax multifunction decoders may experience surging when consisted with other brands of decoders. This is caused by the Back EMF settings.

If the BEMF is enabled and the locomotive was not speed matched to the others, this can occur.

  • This issue may also appear when using Advanced Consisting with an NCE Command Station.


One suggested solution is to change Configuration Variable 57, setting it with a value of 102.

This CV controls the degree of BEMF compensation.

CV57 is an 8-bit CV, but is used in a unique way. The CV is split into two nibbles; Bits 0 to 3 determine the BEMF settings in normal use, Bits 4 to 7 when in an Advanced Consist.

The binary value when set to 102 is 0110 0110. By setting both nibbles to 6, both BEMF modes are matched. (A nibble is 4 bits, 0110 in this example equals a decimal value of 6, or 66 in hexadecimal)